Shaun Gazkinz - Where U Go

The Mathematica Records team is excited to announce a new release. Shaun Gazkinz album "Where U Go" includes two stunning vocal tracks: "Where U Go" and "New Day." This release features classic Deep Drum and Bass, which will undoubtedly become a brilliant addition to your music collection.

Shaun Gazkinz, known for his unique soundscapes and atmospheric melodies, once again surprises listeners with his ability to combine deep bass lines with captivating vocal parts. The tracks "Where U Go" and "New Day" showcase his talent for creating emotionally rich compositions that linger in your mind.

"Where U Go" captivates with its melodic and dynamic sound, creating the perfect atmosphere for immersing yourself in the world of music. "New Day," on the other hand, offers listeners a sense of freshness and renewal, enhancing any music experience.

Don't miss the chance to add Shaun Gazkinz "Where U Go" to your collection and enjoy these two magnificent tracks that are sure to leave a lasting impression. 

MTH075 - Released 28/06/24