Welcome to the official website of Mathematica Records.

Mathematica Records is a Russian music label specializing in promoting deep, lyrical, and soulful Drum & Bass. In just a year and a half of operation, our label has gained wide recognition both in the Russian and international electronic music scenes. Our music is regularly featured in podcasts and radio shows of top DJs worldwide, such as London Elektricity, Doc Scott, Dillinja, Dj Marky, Liondub, Dj Gvozd, Alpha Rhythm.

Additionally, our music is regularly played on major Drum & Bass radio stations, including Bass Drive, DNBradio, Drum Base Radio, KaneFM, Kool, as well as on prominent YouTube channels like U:Fourier UK, The Man from Del Monte, Liquiddnbftw.

We take pride in creating high-quality music that resonates with our audience and provides a unique listening experience. Our label is dedicated to promoting new talents in the Drum & Bass scene, and we are always on the lookout for innovative sounds to captivate our audience.