Mathematica Records presents its new release from the unique musician Tilal, titled "All Of You" This EP features two amazing tracks, starting with the titular "All Of You" which immerses the listener in the atmosphere of classic Liquid Drum & Bass, saturated with unique harmony. The second track, "Hold On Me" surprises with magnificent vocals surrounded by Drum and Bass sounds, creating an unparalleled atmosphere of beauty and emotion.

This release is a true work of art, capable of leaving an unforgettable mark in the hearts of music fans. Tilal demonstrates himself as a master of his craft, embodying his mastery and passion for music in the sound. His talent and expert command of the musical craft make this release truly magnificent and unique. "All Of You" is not just an album, it is art that penetrates the depths of the soul and leaves an indelible mark in the heart of every listener. 

MTH074 - Released 30/05/24