Mathematica Records is thrilled to present the new release "Funk Soul Vibe" by Liquid Drum & Bass maestro Baska! This release features two outstanding tracks: "Funk Soul Vibe" and "Running Away".

The track "Funk Soul Vibe" is a true collage, blending classic funk elements with the unique sound of Liquid Drum & Bass. It's filled with positive emotions, deep basslines, and captivating vocals that leave a lasting impression.

The second track, "Running Away," captivates with its beauty and emotional depth. It's a vocal masterpiece in the style of Liquid Drum & Bass, infused with powerful dynamics and confident beats. Its atmosphere immerses the listener in the depths of musical emotion, literally making them "run" after this stunning sound.

Both tracks showcase Baska's highest level of skill and are a wonderful addition to any Liquid Drum & Bass music lover's collection. "Funk Soul Vibe" is a journey into a world of vivid emotions and incredible sounds that shouldn't be missed! 

MTH073 - Released 17/05/24