Mathematica Records unveils a fresh musical release from the talented artist Shaun Gazkinz. The new release, titled "Like A Flame" features two tracks by Shaun Gazkinz - "Letting It Go" and "Like A Flame" Each track is a sonic journey, showcasing Shaun Gazkinz mastery in creating captivating musical experiences.

In "Letting It Go" the mesmerizing sound of female vocals, coupled with rhythmic drums, a groovy bassline, and enchanting synthesizers, collaboratively weave a tapestry of beauty. The composition magically conjures an incredibly beautiful and even celebratory atmosphere, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its sonic allure. Shaun Gazkinz demonstrates a keen ability to blend various elements seamlessly, resulting in a track that transcends the ordinary.

Moving on to "Like A Flame" this track is a classic in the Liquid Drum and Bass genre. With compelling male vocals, electrifying guitar riffs, and graceful piano melodies, it unfolds as a piece of art no less beautiful than its predecessor. "Like A Flame" by Shaun Gazkinz breathes new life into Liquid Drum and Bass music, showcasing the artist's versatility and innovative approach to the genre.

"Like A Flame" is not just a musical release; it's a testament to Shaun Gazkinz artistry, bringing a fresh perspective to Liquid Drum and Bass and enriching the auditory senses with its harmonious blend of elements. Mathematica Records invites you to experience this musical odyssey and witness the evolution of sound with Shaun Gazkinz latest creation. 

MTH070 - Released 05/04/24