Mathematica Records is proud to present a beautiful release from Cloud Formation called "Lets Get Down To Business". This release includes two tracks: "Lets Get Down To Business" and "Silver Lining". "Lets Get Down To Business" is a track with female vocals, beautiful piano, and relaxing mood! "Silver Lining" is an incredibly beautiful track, exactly the kind of music you want to sit down with a glass of wine and think about something good!

"Lets Get Down To Business" is a track that makes you think, with deep lyrics and powerful musical accompaniment. The vocals in this track evoke strong emotions, and the musical accompaniment adds even more depth. This track is perfect for those who love music that evokes strong emotions.

"Silver Lining" is a track that makes you relax and enjoy the music, with melodic melodies and beautiful harmonies. This track is great for those who like to relax and enjoy beautiful music. 

MTH068 - Released 08/03/24