Mathematica Records is proud to present a powerful release from Tessal called "Don't Make Me Speak". This release includes two tracks: "Don't Make Me Speak" and "Want You". "Don't Make Me Speak" is a track with female vocals, beautiful piano, powerful bass, and classic Drum & Bass drumming, simply gorgeous track! "Want You" is a bit more aggressive, with beautiful drums and powerful bass, incredible energy!

"Don't Make Me Speak" is a track that makes the listener think, with deep lyrics and powerful musical accompaniment. The vocals in this track evoke strong emotions, and the musical accompaniment adds even more depth. This track is perfect for those who love music that evokes strong emotions.

"Want You" is a track that makes you move and dance, with energetic rhythms and powerful bass. This track is great for those who love to dance and have fun.

MTH067 - Released 23/02/24