Mathematica Records proudly presents its new release, "Layers" by the talented musician Muru. This stunning release comprises two beautiful Liquid Drum & Bass tracks: "Grounded" and "Layers" each adorned with incredibly beautiful piano compositions.

Immerse yourself in a melodic adventure with Muru, creating an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary and inviting listeners to surrender to the enchantment of each meticulously crafted sound.

The musical landscapes painted by Muru musical brush reveal a profound understanding of the emotional nuances inherent in Liquid Drum & Bass. This musical experience resonates on a visceral level, transporting listeners into a world of sounds saturated with sensuality and harmony.

"Layers" transforms not only into an album but into a guide through a unique musical journey, where each track is a separate chapter telling its own story. This release invites listeners not only to hear the music but also to feel its emotional depth, wrapped in the melodic fabric of sounds. "Layers" is an inspiring masterpiece, opening the doors to the beautiful world of Muru.

MTH065 - Released 26/01/24