Mathematica Records is thrilled to announce its first release of 2024! Presenting Nasz - "Voice In My Head" a truly unique Brazilian perspective on Liquid Drum and Bass music that's both recognizable and unparalleled.

This release features two outstanding tracks: "Voice In My Head" and "I Want You." Nasz brings his unmistakable Brazilian style to the world of Liquid Drum and Bass, captivating and inspiring listeners.

"Voice In My Head" immerses you in its melodic depths, evoking emotions that are difficult to put into words. The rich, airy sounds create an atmosphere of mystery and introspection.

With "I Want You" Nasz amps up the tempo and energy. This track is filled with endless passion and desire, conveyed through every note. It won't leave you indifferent and will have you moving to its infectious rhythms.

"Voice In My Head" isn't just music, it's a journey into a world of emotions and sounds that will make your heart beat to the Brazilian rhythm. Join us on this musical adventure with Nasz on Mathematica Records!

MTH064 - Released 12/01/24