Frankfurt, Germany

Twintone is a Frankfurt, Germany - based Drum & Bass music artist.

His musical influences stretch from Classical, Latin Jazz, Soul, Ambient, to early Hip Hop.

But it's the vibe and atmosphere rather than the genre itself, that counts to the most to him in the end.

His passion of playing Bossa on nylon string guitars has led him to visit Brasil countless times over the years. Twintone's fascination and love of various genres of music eventually led him into the fast-paced world of Drum & Bass.

In the following two decades, Twintone has successfully released his signature sound on a wide range of cutting edge DnB labels including:

Rotation Uk, Mathematica, Bay 6, Complex, Smooth n Groove, Soul Bros, Soul Deep and Yumi. Twintone continues to move forward with his productions and releases, so be on the lookout for further releases in 2023 and beyond.