Tamara jenna

tamara jenna

Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Producer and guitarist 

Balsall Heath, Birmingham, UK

Tamara Jenna is a singer/songwriter/rapper/producer and guitarist from Balsall Heath, Birmingham. Tamara's single titled 'Mary J' ft CGH was featured as part of Abbey Road's 90th Anniversary celebrations where it was chosen by Sound On Sound Magazine Editor in Chief 'Sam Inglis' to be critiqued in the one and only studio two by Abbey Road Engineers. All of whom "really loved the track".

Tamara has a unique mixed style, implementing contemporary R&B/Hip-Hop/Grime and Deep DnB. Her debut album gives credit to top class producers such as Manchester's ATilly and Amsterdam's FreekVanWorkum: Grammy Nomintated,5x Multi-Platinum Producer who has worked with the likes of Kehlani, 2 Chainz and Wstrn. Other collaberations include independent artists, CGH, JBeatz0121, Arianna Reddi, Benobi and YnxgJxm. Through her debut album Tamara addresses issues such as mental health, love and loss as well as more pop style collaborations. Her debut album 'Pleasure From Pain is on sale at HMV Vault Birmingham.

Tamara's musical journey started at the age of two when she would experiment on her Great Grandmother's piano and make beats on the pots and pans whilst singing along to 90s R&B.

At age nine Tamara got her first guitar and began learning full-length songs before the age of ten. These included R.E.M's Everybody Hurts, Tracy Chapman's Baby Can I Hold You?, and Every Breath You take by Sting. She later got 'Everybody Hurts' tattooed on the back of her neck as a tribute to her early stages as a guitarist. Her guitar became the biggest part of her identity throughout her remaining time at school through to college where she was labelled as gifted.