Austin, United States 

Originating in Houston and now based in Austin, JazzInspired has been making waves as a rising DRUM+BASS talent. His journey began in the early '90s when he was introduced to the underground warehouse scene, that forever transformed his life. Adopting the moniker DJ Soultrain, JazzInspired initially performed at local clubs and venues before performing at the one of the largest party Houston had ever hosted in 1999. 

In 2000, he began producing music under a new persona, DazRight. During this time, he had the opportunity to present a demo to LTJ Bukem before a gig in Houston. Although it didn't lead to him getting signed on Good Looking Records, Bukem encouraged JazzInspired via AOL Instant Message to continue honing his craft. 

After a nearly decade-long hiatus due to unforeseen life events, JazzInspired rekindled his passion for music in 2019. Within a short amount of time, he reestablished himself as an artist and started delivering unique sounds influenced by jazz, soul, jungle, dub, reggae and various other eclectic genres. Today, JazzInspired is known as a Liquid Funk producer and has worked with renowned labels such as DNBB, D-Liq Records, FX909 Music, Default Records, Liquid Drops, Smooth N Groove, Soul Deep, and Selves Recording. 

As JazzInspired's journey continues to unfold, fans can eagerly anticipate more extraordinary music from this artist.