Mattirealism - Dark Places Pt II

Friends, we, Mathematica Records, are wrapping up this challenging year of 2023 with an outstanding Liquid Drum and Bass release by Mattirealism - "Dark Places Pt II"! This release includes two remarkable compositions: "Dark Places Pt II" and "Worn" by Mattirealism.

"Dark Places Pt II" is a source of emotions, experiences, and unsettling sensations that will undoubtedly send shivers down your spine. This track transports us to the darkest corners of the soul, where every note is infused with deep emotions. After all, Amen always strikes right at the heart.

"Worn" is filled with tenderness and beauty, like a gentle touch to the heart. Mattirealism showcases their mastery, creating music that will undoubtedly touch your soul.

Mattirealism is a true master of their craft, and we proudly present their new musical creations. "Dark Places Pt II" is not just a release; it's music that will immerse you in a world of emotions and harmony. Thank you for being with us on this incredible musical journey! 


MTH063 - Released 29/12/23