Tilal - For Real 

Hello! We are excited to introduce you to the latest release from Mathematica Records - "Tilal - For Real" This release features two incredible tracks in the Liquid Drum & Bass genre: "For Real" and "The Resurrector"

"For Real" stands out with its deep bass sound, which pulses continuously at the heart of the music. It is adorned with intricate broken beats and features a mesmerizing female vocal. Listening to this track, you'll immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere where the music becomes an integral part of your inner world.

"The Resurrector" represents the brighter side of the music. With rap vocals, it creates energetic vibrations that will make you move to the rhythm. This track is a true vibe that will undoubtedly inspire you to groove and sway to its sounds.

"Tilal - For Real" is more than just music; it's an experience. This release from Mathematica Records promises to deliver incredible emotions and transport you to the world of Liquid Drum & Bass, where music becomes a source of inspiration and energy.

   MTH062 - Released 15/12/23