Mathematica Records presents its new release in the Liquid Drum & Bass genre - "Connections" by the duo Subrix and Mzcl! This release is a creation that emanates from the depths of the musicians' souls and invites listeners on a unique musical journey.

"Connections" embodies the beauty, harmony, and serenity of the Drum & Bass world. Right from the beginning of the album, you can hear a hypnotic bass that envelops the listener and immerses them in the atmosphere of the music. This bass blends with intricate percussion, creating an enchanting rhythm that will undoubtedly make you move to the beat of the music.

But "Connections" is not just a collection of tracks. It's a true journey through otherworldly soundscapes crafted by Subrix and Mzcl. Their music transports listeners to a realm where time slows down, and thoughts become clear. Each composition on this release is a story told through sounds and melodies.

"Connections" by Subrix and Mzcl is not just a release. It's an art that compels us to enthusiastically dive into their musical world. It will leave an unforgettable impression on you and a lasting mark in the hearts of all Liquid Drum & Bass lovers. 


MTH061 - Released 01/12/23