Mathematica Records proudly presents a new release in the Liquid Drum and Bass style - "Dub Plate Tings" by the musician JazzInspired. 

The track "Dub Plate Tings" is a musical composition that features a deep and mesmerizing bass rhythm. Its distinct and slightly mysterious atmosphere immerses listeners into a state of Drum and Bass hypnosis. Crafted with meticulous precision, this track aims to enrich the musical world with additional layers of depth and inspiration.

As for the track "Groovin'" JazzInspired candidly shares, "Groovin' is one of those tracks I've spent many years working on. I held onto it, waiting for the perfect moment, and now is the time to reveal this precious musical secret. Play the track and enjoy its full-scale groove."

Mathematica Records is delighted to present this release, expanding musical horizons and inviting you to delve into the unique fusion of sounds and emotions. "Dub Plate Tings" and "Groovin'" stand as two vibrant manifestations of JazzInspired creativity, each inviting you to embark on an enthralling musical journey.

   MTH059 - Released 03/11/23