Mathematica Records is pleased to present a new release in the Liquid Drum and Bass genre from English musician Blean - "Midnight Drive." In this album, Blean has discovered a unique atmospheric sound, giving each track a distinctive character that intertwines with a sense of euphoria. The track "Midnight Drive" creates an atmosphere of a nocturnal journey on an empty highway, where the only companions are stars and streetlights. This track transports the listener into a world of tranquility and the enigma of the nighttime road.

The track "Solidarity" included in this release, adds additional emotional depths to the album. It introduces deeper shades and immerses listeners into an atmosphere of unity. This composition holds not only an emotional charge but also mature musical development, which contributes a crucial element to the overall sound of the album.

"Midnight Drive" represents a unique fusion of sounds and emotions. This release allows one to immerse themselves in a world where each note and beat embody harmony and inspiration. Artist Blean skillfully conveys emotions and moods through music, crafting an atmosphere that will not leave enthusiasts of the genre indifferent.

Mathematica Records presents "Midnight Drive" as an embodiment of quality music, which takes you into the depths of the night and emotions. This release is a sonic journey that glides through the night's expanse, inspiring contemplation.

   MTH058 - Released 20/10/23