Mathematica Records proudly presents to you its new release - a collaboration by the duo Tilal and Sereni7, titled "Perplexed". In this musical chapter, Tilal and Sereni7 invite you on a unique sonic journey.

With this release, Tilal and Sereni7 offer two original tracks intricately woven into the fabric of your musical history. From the very first note, their musical creation immerses you in the atmosphere of melodic and emotional Drum & Bass, designed to awaken your deepest sensations.

"Perplexed" is an artful fusion of beautiful basslines, classic percussion, and mesmerizing keys. This composition crafts a distinctive musical canvas that captivates you with its harmony and energy.

The second track, "Dissipate", continues the musical adventure, adding its own dynamic touch and emotional depth. The fusion of percussion and atmospheric keys creates the perfect sonic framework, where each note becomes a part of the musical narrative that Tilal and Sereni7 wish to share with you.

"Perplexed" is not just a collection of musical tracks. It is a journey into the realm of musical emotions, where each note is imbued with passion and creative inspiration. The amalgamation of beautiful basslines, classic percussion, and atmospheric keys creates a unique musical kaleidoscope, offering you an exceptional fusion of beauty and energy that Tilal and Sereni7 masterfully craft.

Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this musical world, to feel every note, and to be enveloped by the ambiance of "Perplexed". This is a magnificent creation by true Drum & Bass masters, where music transforms into not only sound but also an art capable of touching every heart.

   MTH057 - Released 06/10/23