Mathematica Records presents its new release: "Mistakes" by the talented artist IndigoMind. This release will transport you into a world of emotions and sounds, immersing you in the depths of Drum and Bass music.

Sun-soaked Portugal has given life to IndigoMind, and in his tracks "Inertia" and "Mistakes," this warmth and luminous influence are felt at every turn. "Inertia" takes you on a journey through the deepest corners of the sound palette. Here, female vocals become the soul of the composition, soaring against the backdrop of beautiful arpeggiated synthesizers. Classic Liquid Drum and Bass elements are complemented by drums that create a unique sonic tapestry. And the powerful bass strengthens the foundation of the track, giving it a distinct depth.

The track "Mistakes" unravels the mysteries of the subconscious. Its enigmatic harmonies and vocal inserts plunge you into an atmosphere of contemplation and reflection. From solid basslines to intricate bass-infused drum patterns, this track embodies moving forward despite the mistakes of the past. It encapsulates the vitality of life and an unwavering aspiration towards new horizons.

"Mistakes" is not just a musical release; it is the art of sound crafted by IndigoMind with love and passion for music. The release "Mistakes" invites you to delve into a world of emotions and embark on a musical journey that will leave a mark in the hearts of all Drum and Bass enthusiasts.

   MTH056 - Released 22/09/23