Mathematica Records proudly presents a new release crafted by the masters of the liquid Drum&Bass genre - Tilal and Tirisfal. Their latest creation, "Out Of It" is a unique fusion of two beautiful tracks that bloom with multifaceted shimmering melodies, captivating arpeggios, and refined deep basslines.

The duo skillfully plays with rhythms and emotions, crafting a musical landscape that seemingly unveils a wide spectrum of sonic shades before the listeners. Dynamic percussions infuse the tracks with a special energy, filling them with motion akin to musical waves that carry you away.

Special attention should be given to the gorgeous atmospheric voices interwoven within the compositions, adding depth and immersing the listener in a complex atmosphere. These voices seem to narrate their own stories, creating a rich auditory experience.

"Out Of It" is more than just a musical release; it is a true embodiment of art in sounds. This release invites every listener on a captivating journey through soundscapes and emotional experiences. It not only delights fans of liquid Drum&Bass but enriches the collections of Drum&Bass enthusiasts as a whole.

Through "Out Of It" Tilal and Tirisfal convey their musical vision and inspiration, creating a magical symphony of sounds and emotions. This is not merely a collection of tracks; it's a story told through melodies, rhythms, and atmospheric sounds. 

   MTH055 - Released 08/09/23