Mathematica Records is thrilled to present the new release from Destiny, titled "Eyes For You." This stunning release features two beautiful and melodic tracks that will undoubtedly delight Drum & Bass music enthusiasts.

"Eyes For You" is a track where the sound of the guitar blends with otherworldly tones, atmospheric vocal samples, intricate percussion, and a dense bassline. The combination of these elements creates an incredible atmosphere and takes listeners on an amazing musical journey.

The second track, "I Couldn't Sleep," will captivate every Drum & Bass lover. It mesmerizes with its exquisite female vocals that have the power to touch the hearts of every listener. The fusion of delicate vocals and vibrant musical elements forms an impressive composition that leaves an unforgettable impression.

The release of "Eyes For You" by Destiny under the Mathematica Records label is a true gift for all fans of high-quality Drum & Bass music. These tracks are filled with emotion, talent, and professionalism, and we are confident that they will become cherished additions to your music collection.

   MTH052 - Released 28/07/23