Mathematica Records presents: a new release from the talented Brazilian musician Nasz! Once again, Nasz captivates us with his unique sound, combining brass instruments, beautiful vocals, and characteristic rhythmic patterns inherent to the Liquid DnB genre.

The new release consists of two vocal tracks that embody completely contrasting moods, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in various emotional states.

The track "Darling" engulfs us with its atmosphere. Penetrating brass sounds merge with crystal-clear vocals, creating a mysterious and profound sound. This track takes us into a world of fantasies and uplifting vibes, where each note is filled with emotions and feelings.

The second track, "Lose You," by Nasz, represents a complete opposite to the first. Here, energy draws us in from the first seconds, filling the space with pulsating rhythms and dynamic basslines. The vocals transform into a stream of energy, adding power and intensity to this composition. This track awakens strength and determination within us, compelling us to move to the beat and feel like a part of a musical journey.

Nasz continues to demonstrate his musical evolution and talent with this release. The combination of his unique sound, skillful arrangement, and impressive vocals make this release an integral part of every Liquid DnB music fan's collection.

MTH050 - Released 30/06/23