Mathematica Records presents a new release by Dan Guidance titled "Ritual". The name "Ritual" perfectly corresponds to the essence of these two tracks, immersing the listener in a unique trance-like state. It's as if Bad Company from the 2000s decided to revive their creativity, but in reality, it's our very own Dan Guidance breathing new life into long-forgotten rhythms! We proudly present this masterpiece and are confident that these two unique tracks will become an integral part of your DnB music collection.

The first track, "Alternative" continues the theme of the ritual while adding new shades and depth. This composition unfolds gradually, like the search for one's own musical path. Evocative melodies merging with basslines create an atmosphere of mystery and enigma. "Alternative" invites you on an exhilarating journey where every sound becomes a part of your musical legacy.

The second track, "Ritual," embodies the spirit of the old school and charges with energy from the very first notes. Deep basslines and captivating rhythms transport us back to the golden era of DnB, filling the space with electronic vibrations and drive. This track is a true ritual for all genre enthusiasts, and its sound will leave you anything but indifferent.

Dan Guidance continues to amaze us with his talent and ability to create an atmosphere that transports us back to the birth of DnB. His unique sound, perfectly balanced and brimming with energy, makes this release a true masterpiece to be proud of.

Don't miss the opportunity to enrich your music library with these two stunning tracks by Dan Guidance. After all, the ritual is just beginning.

MTH049 - Released 16/06/23