Mathematica Records presents a new release by the talented musician Wez Walker. This fresh release captivates with its depth and contemplative sound, which serves as Wez Walker's signature style.

From the first notes of this release, it becomes evident that Wez Walker has created something unique. His music skillfully combines deep basslines, emotive melodies, and captivating rhythms, transporting you to a different world where each note intertwines with your thoughts and emotions.

The standout feature of this release lies in its ability to hold your attention for hours. The melodies and rhythms intertwine so harmoniously that each subsequent listen reveals new nuances and depth within the compositions. Wez Walker's music becomes an integral part of your collection, as it has the power to provide you with aesthetic pleasure and unforgettable musical moments at any time.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience, where musical emotion and virtuosic performance merge to take you far beyond the ordinary. Open up your perception and give Wez Walker's music a chance to penetrate the deepest depths of your being. The new release awaits you, ready to offer a musical journey that will forever remain in your heart and soul.

MTH048 - Released 19/06/02