Mathematica Records is excited to present the new release from talented musician Subrix! His latest release, "Afraid," consists of two tracks filled with the depth of modern Drum and Bass sound.

The first track, "Afraid," surprises listeners with its dark atmosphere and bass lines interwoven with beautiful vocal samples. This track creates a true depth and immerses the listener in the world of Drum and Bass.

The second track, "Wonder," amazes with its beauty and tenderness. The unobtrusive piano and guitar create an atmosphere of calm, while the deep bass adds energy and direction. Vocal samples used in this track add additional depth and emotional elements.

In summary, the release "Subrix - Afraid" features two unique tracks that showcase how deep Drum and Bass music can sound. If you love modern music, these tracks will definitely become your favorites.

MTH047 - Released 19/05/23