We, the Mathematica Records team, proudly present our new release in the Deep Drum&Bass genre by the talented musician C4GE, titled Falling Stones.

C4GE is a musician from India with a unique sound, and we are confident that you will appreciate his work as highly as we do. C4GE himself describes his new release as follows: "The idea for Falling Stones came to me when I imagined everything around me falling, so I turned it into a musical idea where all the piano notes fall like stones from the sky. I also added some eastern motifs to finish the composition."

We cannot help but share with you these beautiful tracks that will adorn any playlist. Therefore, friends, do not miss this release and enjoy the magnificent sound of Deep Drum&Bass performed by C4GE. Thank you for your attention and enjoy listening!

MTH046 - Released 05/05/23