Midknight moon - stacks

Mathematica Records presents its new release in the genre of Deep Drum&Bass by MidKnighT MooN. This talented producer is known for his unique sound that blends mysticism and heaviness, and his new release is no exception.

"Too Many Have Lost" is the first track in the release. It has a lighter sound that carries a deep meaning. The track raises an important question about loss, which is at the heart of its emotional depth. "Too Many Have Lost" envelops the listener in an atmosphere of mystery, which MidKnighT MooN conveys so well in his music.

"Stacks" and "Void" are the two following tracks in the release, which represent the dark and gloomy sound that is at the heart of the Deep Drum&Bass genre. These tracks are full of energy and drive, making the listener move to the rhythm and taking them into the depths of darkness.

Overall, MidKnighT MooN's release is an excellent example of how Deep Drum&Bass can be not only heavy and dark, but also mysterious and deep. The new release from Mathematica Records is a triumph for MidKnighT MooN and opens up new possibilities for the Deep Drum&Bass genre.

MTH045 - Released 04/21/23