HEFT - Eternal is a new release in the Liquid Drum&Bass genre, containing two tracks from the Russian musician, HEFT. In this release, HEFT demonstrates his talent for creating bright, melodic and emotional compositions that will capture the attention of genre fans.

The first track, "HEFT - Eternal", is a softer and more thoughtful track that creates a more relaxed atmosphere. It contains warm and deep melodies that slide through the listener, creating a feeling of immersion into a world of musical sounds. The combination of bass lines and percussion adds dynamics and energy to this track.

The second track, "HEFT - Feel The Same", is an energetic composition that stands out for its agility and bass lines that create a tense atmosphere. At the same time, the track also has light melodies, adding bright notes to it. Vocal samples taken from the depths of the synthesizers give it a mysterious and atmospheric effect.

In both tracks, one can hear HEFT's mastery in using organic and electronic elements that combine perfectly to create a unique sound picture. "HEFT - Eternal" and "HEFT - Feel The Same" are two shining examples of quality Liquid Drum&Bass, and together they create an unforgettable sound experience for fans of the genre. 

MTH042 - Released 03/24/23